Postdoctoral position in computational biology (Baubec & Robinson Labs)

We are searching for a motivated postdoctoral fellow to join the Laboratories of Mark Robinson and Tuncay Baubec at the University of Zurich, Switzerland.

High-throughput sequencing (HTS) technologies are revolutionizing the study of epigenetics and gene regulation; However, there is still a pronounced gap between data generation and having a systems-level understanding of the regulatory principles of chromatin modifications in gene regulation. Towards this we are combining genome engineering, functional genomics and computational methods for the generation, analysis and integration of large-scale genomic data. These synergistic efforts aim at elucidating the mechanisms by which genetic and epigenetic factors regulate gene expression in normal cells, during development and in disease.

This project aims to integrate genetic, epigenetic and expression data from HTS technologies (including whole genome bisulphite sequencing, single cell and bulk RNA- seq, ChIP-seq) in order to characterize epigenetic regulation and function, and to develop novel analysis methods and software tools for the community.

The candidate should have a PhD in Bioinformatics or equivalent, a background in quantitative biology, modelling of biological systems, statistics, and a strong interest in gene regulation and epigenetics. Candidates should have first or co-author publications in the respective field, are expected to be able to work independently and in teams, and have excellent written and oral communication skills. Experience with R and Unix would be considered an asset.

The appointment is initially for two years with possibility of extension based on performance. Candidates are furthermore encouraged to apply for competitive postdoctoral fellowships.

If you are interested, please send your application package to and Please include the following information: a cover letter outlining your main contributions and research interests, CV, publication list, contact information for three referees.

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