Matthias Altmeyer - University of Zürich

Chromatin Dynamics in Response to Genotoxic Stress

Guillaume Andrey
 - University of Geneva

Epigenetic Control of Developmental Processes

Célia Baroux - University of Zürich

Cell Fate and Nuclear Organization in Plants

Tuncay Baubec - University of Zürich

Systems Biology of Gene Regulation

Joerg Betschinger - Friedrich Miescher Institute Basel

Cell Fate Transitions

Tobias Beyer - ETH Zürich

Signalling Pathways in Human Embryonic Stem Cells

Constance Ciaudo - ETH Zürich

RNAi and Genome Integrity

Beat Fierz - EPFL Lausanne

Chromatin Organisation and Function

Luca Giorgetti - Friedrich Miescher Institute Basel

Chromosome Conformation and Transcriptional Regulation

Claire Jacob - University of Fribourg

Chromatin Remodelling in Neurodevelopment and Regeneration

Rory Johnson - University of Bern
Genomics of Long Non-Coding RNAs in Disease

Pauline Jullien  - University of Bern
Methylome Dynamics during Arabidopsis Reproduction

Ana Claudia Marques - UniL

Contributions of intergenic lncRNAs to homeostasis and disease

Enni Markkanen - University of Zürich
Base-Excision Repair in cellular physiology and pathology

Bogdan Mateescu - ETH Zürich

Cell Biology of RNA Silencing and Extracellular RNAs

Peter Meister - Bern IZB

Cell Fate and Nuclear Organization

Silvia Monticelli - Bellinzona IRB

Epigenetics in the Immune System

Rabih Murr - Geneva CMU

Epigenetics in Development and Disease

Mariusz Nowacki - Bern IZB

DNA Elimination

Joshua Payne - University of Zürich

The Evolution of Genetic Control

Nicolo Riggi - CHUV Lausanne

Cancer Epigenetics

Mark Robinson - University of Zürich

Statistical Methods for Epigenomics and Transcriptomics

Raffaella Santoro - University of Zürich

Epigenetics and Chromatin Dynamics

Thomas Schalch - University of Geneva

Chromatin Structure and Mechanisms

Florian Steiner - University of Geneva

Chromatin Organization and Function

Michael Stadler - Friedrich Miescher Institute Basel

Epigenetic and Genetic Regulation of Gene Expression

David Suter - EPFL Lausanne
Early embryonic cell fate decisions

Francisco Verdeguer - University of Zürich

Metabolism Regulated Epigenetics

Ferdinand von Meyenn - ETH Zürich

Nutrition and Epigenetics

Chantal Wicky - University of Fribourg

Epigenetics and Development

Alumni Groups:

Vincent Dion - University of Cardiff - Chromatin and Genome Stability

Arnaud Krebs - EMBL Heidelberg - Cis-Regulatory Elements Architecture